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-Luxurious Destination-

Two villas, completely adapted to nature and with high aesthetics, are located in Greece, West Peloponnese, in Ilia, the land where the Olympic Games were born, next to the Ionian Sea, among olive trees. They were built with joy, will and respect for our place and its beauties.
The villas are twins...neither to be jealous the one of the other, nor to love the one more than the other!
The villas are surrounded by trees, that we planted by ourselves, olive trees, orange, mandarin and lemon trees, forest trees as well as oleanders, generally, whatever can resist the saltiness of the sea which is very close. 

Each villa has a private pool and a hot tub too.
Each one of Betty's Villas occupies 120 square meters, divided in the ground and the first floor. Each one includes 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. You can admire the sea from almost every corner of the house, you can hear it and feel its touch.

Walking for not more than 2-3 minutes, you have the chance to swim in 3 different unique beaches; the "mpouka", the "small" of Leventoxori and the "big" of Leventoxori, three completely different beaches of different style and beauty.
The pictures that accompany the text, cannot fully depict what the eye sees and what the senses perceive!




Levendochorion, Pyrgos

271 31


+30 6937085377



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