As you can notice in the map, our villas are situated extremely close to the beach of Leventoxori village, in between Katakolon and Skafidia.

 Accessible beaches on foot.

Leventochori beach accesible on foot from Betty's VillasLeventochori beach accesible on foot from Betty's Villas

Katakolon is one of the most picturesque ports, especially known for the cruise ships. You are able to have dinner in one of the fish taverns or enjoy yourselves in the bars located there.

Katakolo portBarbubs and taverns in Katakolo

Apart from the three beaches that are located near the villas, you can also have access to an infinite number of other beautiful ones.

"Merkouri Property" is 1 kilometre far from our villas. This is a winery within a vineyard that produces popular wine brands of high quality. You can be guided around the winery and the museum of the property as well as to buy the wine of your taste.


Merkury wineryMerkury winery


Merkuri wineryMerkury winery

 Ancient Olympia is located 30 kilometres far from the villas and it would be needless to mention the wide range of things you are able to see or do while visiting this particular place.

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